I was born a healthy boy on January 7th 1976 in Isafjordur, Iceland. No one knew at the time that this boy was in fact a girl born with a rare birth defect. Although I grew up as a boy I had a happy childhood and it was not until I reached my teenage years when I realized that I was not like the other boys. I had an unexplained urge to dress in women´s clothing and I did my very best to suppress these unfamiliar urges. Only when I turned 38 did I realize that I could go on living as a man and decided to undergo a gender reassignment.

As so many other trans-women, I tried as hard as I could do be a macho man. I worked on cars, went hunting and did a lot of fishing as well. I did all these things in an attempt to suppress these urges which I did not understand. I worked as a tradesman for over 20 years in various industries but for longest in the field of rendering.

For the last couple of summers I´ve worked as a kayak guide, both here in Iceland and in Greenland and I intend to make this my future career. I will also keep on doing talks relating to my personal gender reassignment process where I went from being an unhappy woman trapped in a man´s body to finally becoming the woman I always wanted to become. I now enjoy life every day and looking forward to what my future will bring.

My hobbies are kayaking, skiing, biking and I try to include my children with me as often as I can. It is important for me to be a good role model for them which I believe I can now do, at last.

On these two photos you can see the transformation I underwent during the last four years. The photo on the right is the last photo ever taken of me wearing a suit.